mango glaze bacon wrapped dates stuffed with herbed apricot jalapeño goat cheese        $ 22/dozen

deluxe cheese board (prices vary based on cheese selection) -   $120/30ppl

moroccan hummus - $18/L

mixed tomato salsa - $22/L

caviar d’aubergine (babaganoush) - $22/L

tzatziki with homemade yogurt - $22/L

avocado relish - $25/L

sliders (beef/chicken/pork/veg - custom designed) - $48/dozen

pork belly bao - $48/dozen

samosas (vegan/veg/beef curry/jerk’d chicken) - $10/dozen

cauliflower and potato pakoras - $11/dozen

chicken skewers (custom designed) - $36/dozen

queso fundido with roasted poblano vinaigrette and tortilla chips - $33/order

black truffle arancini - $18/dozen

spicy hummus and zucchini quesadillas with white bean and poblano relish                $20/10pcs

grilled asparagus and goat cheese with tomato jam and cilantro yogurt                   $25/10pcs

pizza flatbreads (custom designed) - $12/8pcs